5 Ways To Revamp The Kids Bedrooms As They Grow WITHOUT Breaking The Bank

Posted by Steve Chapman on

Its so tempting, when our kids are born to lash out with a full bedroom revamp. You know what I mean, pinks or blues, fancy light fittings, curtains to match.

Then before you know it, they are toddlers, little people with active minds and imaginations that run wild. All the colours get replaced with themes, princesses, cars, princesses in cars. 

Blink and here we are early teens. Too cool now for the Thomas The Tank Engine doona cover, or the Frozen posters and matching doona.

So what do you do?

Here are 5 simple things to consider for your growing kids rooms.

1. Keep The Wall Colours Neutral

Dont get tempted to paint colours that could very well be so uncool in 6 to 12 months time. When it comes to the ever changing styles and trends of teenagers, painting their rooms to match is NOT going to be cheap, easy or fun.

2. Use Removable Decals If You Need/Want A Theme

These are great because they can be bought with a theme in mind, thrown on the wall for the duration of your kids fad on the theme, then peeled off and discarded once no longer required. There are literally thousands of these available. So much quicker, easier and cheaper than paint.

3. Create A Space

As kids get older, they will want more time to themselves. When we were younger we would sit and read, or play quietly with lego. These days, its about gadgets. Create a space that allows your kids to "chill" while chatting to mates on their phones or computers. This is in addition to a homework desk or study area as they need time to get away from work, just as you do. A bean bag in the corner, or a comfortable chair with a lamp is a great and simple solution.

4. Accessorise and Keep It Fresh

You dont need to spend a fortune, a new doona cover makes the world of difference to a kid. Add to that a variety of cushion covers to interchange every so often will keep it fresh and feeling new. Move the furniture around if possible, maybe a new piece of wall art, either bought from Nook And Cranny Homewares or something you can make together? A change is as good as a holiday dont you know.

5. Get them to do it

Nothings more self satisfying than achieving a new look in your room as a teenager. This sanctuary is theirs, and guiding them through a change, while letting them make and break the rules is one sure fire way to build a sense of belonging, self worth while at the same time giving them the control over their own piece of this world. Help them decide what they want, work with them to use their minds and hands to create their haven, just dont let them feel they can keep doing this forever, one day they are going to have to move out!!! 



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