New Arrivals - Monsteria Canvas Prints and Premium Artwork

Posted by Steve Chapman on

A couple of new arrivals in our Canvas Print range this week, plus a Premium Artwork, all showcasing the colour, texture and unique shapes of the Monsteria plant.

Monsteria Bunch   Monsteria Pair

The two Canvas Prints, Monsteria Bunch and Monsteria Pair, would work well as a matching pair, complimenting your summer style, and come ready to hang.

Each print measures 100cm x 80cm.

Premium Edition Artwork Monochrome Monsteria

The monochrome Monsteria is a striking premium artwork, with bold constrast and unique shape to the Monsteria form.

This premium edition artwork measures 65cm x 92cm.

Stayed tuned, as there are more new items on their way.



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