Canvas Print - Front of White Horse - 100cm x 80cm

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Who doesn't like horses? I mean wow. This majestic animal has served mankind for generations, as a mode of transport, work horse, and companion. These days the noble steed is more commonly found in arenas, on the track, or standing proudly in a paddock as a loving and much loved pet. Every girls dream is to own a horse, well now you can with this amazing lifelike portrait. While the real deal needs the wide open space of outdoors, this grand piece can bring your passion for the equine into your home, featured proudly on any wall.

A new canvas size to our range, these prints are sure to be a hit. They have so much going for them, they come in a great range of images, they are affordable and the perfect size for decorating all types of rooms. Our canvas prints are made from a sturdy timber frame with the canvas stretched over the top. They come with a double brass fittings on the back, making them easy to hang.

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Artwork measures 100cm x 80cm


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