Glassware - RCR Crystal Break Line Calice Red Wine Goblet (Set Of 6)

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RCR Crystal Break Line Red Wine Goblet holding approx 300ml in a set of 6.

A classically designed goblet to transfer a quality red from the bottle to your lips.
Lightweight and elegant Crystal adding that romantic touch for dinner for two, or for complimenting the table arrangement at that dinner party with your closest friends, these are beautiful wine glasses full of life and sparkle.

RCR is made in Italy, the collection represents the trendy, easy going home with good quality designs that bring the Italian lifestyle to your world. 

The perfect gift idea that can be used time and time again, and cherished for many, many years to come.

Package Content:
1 x Break Line Calice Red Wine Goblet (Set Of 6) beautifully presented in box perfect for gift giving